Some of my earliest childhood memories are of my grandfather capturing every moment when we went to visit. He'd snap away and then compile the images into slideshows for us to watch at the end of our stay. I loved reliving the moments from our time together and seeing the things he had captured that I didn't even remember. Those photographs are some of my favorite things in the world.

As I grew older, I started to want to document my own memories so that I could look back on them and feel that same sense of nostalgia. I'd document vacations and family time together in much the same way I'd watched my grandfather do - I'd sneak around with my camera and try to capture as many candid moments as I could. I loved getting to see how each person's personality would come through in the photos, and how you could learn so much about someone and the moments they experience through photographs. 

The more I played around with my camera, the more I fell in love with getting to document life and create art for others. The challenge of capturing moments authentically while creating artful images was something I became so passionate about. I felt inspired by documentary photographers who captured history and life with such raw beauty, and I knew I wanted to infuse that into my images.

I knew I wanted to photograph real moments and human interaction, and so weddings just made sense. There have been so many moments at weddings where I have been either beside myself with laughter or on the verge of tears. I love getting to experience those moments with my couples and their families and friends. 

It's these moments too that I feel so privileged to document. To get to capture a piece of history in a way that tells a story authentically -- wow what an immense and joyous privilege. 

I am a photographer because I believe our memories are precious - from the most simple moments to the grandest and most eventful. When I document those memories, it's with the hope that each of us would get to gather with our loved ones around those images that capture the art of life, just like I used to do with my grandfather.

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Hey there friend, I'm allie

My husband Jordan and I have created a home here in Columbus surrounded by the best support system of family and friends. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful marriage, and it continues to remind me what a privilege it is to be a wedding photographer! 

When we aren’t working, you’ll find us grabbing coffee from a local spot, taking walks, doing home-reno projects, or having friends over for drinks. We also spend a lot of time loving on our fur babies — Steve a tabby cat and Indie, our sweet Blue Heeler puppy.

I love to travel - from hiking the Canadian Rockies to walking the beaches of southern California. I try to visit at least one new National Park every year!

I also absolutely love cooking good food and learning more about sustainable living! I’ve been trying a new recipe almost every week, as well as finding ways to shop small/local and transition into a greener lifestyle.

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that first sip of coffee  |   conversations with friends over dinner   |   quiet time with Jesus   |   early morning cuddles with Indie & Steve  |   an afternoon spent reading a good book   |   the first look across the mountains when you reach the summit the setting sun as it pours through our living room window   |   snagging the perfect vintage find at a thrift store